DIY Shape Sorting for Toddlers

I love to make learning fun! I LOVE when I set up an activity for Aliza and her little eyes light up with excitement! She does not even realize she is doing a “learning skills” activity because it just looks like a fun game to her! This DIY shape sorting activity is a budget friendly activity that is a meaningful learning activity for your tot!

Materials :

  • White construction paper
  • Colored Markers
  • Scissors
  • Recycled egg carton
  • Tape
  • Kids Table

Second Activity:

  • Tape
  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • 30 shape chips (already made)
  • Kids Table

Before you start this activity you will have to make your shape chips! Pick and choose which shapes you want to include. For us, I included a circle, star, triangle, square and heart! Cut 42 white circles out of your while construction paper. I used 30 for the chips and 12 to tape inside the egg carton. On each chip use a different color for each shape!


Shape Sorting for Toddlers

Like all developmental milestones and skills the ability to identify basic shapes varies. Generally by three, your toddler should be able to recognize shapes. It is never too early to introduce any cognitive skill. It is true when they say your little ones brain is a sponge. Fill it with GOOD stuff! I first introduced shapes to Aliza with these color and shape flashcards. Here is a little video of Aliza (2) naming her shapes and colors with these fantastic flashcards!

Shape Sorting for Toddlers Activity

Although the flashcards are great, I wanted to expand her mind with another shape activity! This activity is simple to put together and can help children grown and develop great skills. It targets basic math skills like sorting, shape and color identification, visual discrimination along with fine motor skills and bilateral coordination!

I explained and demonstrated the activity before we started! I then started the activity with handing her one chip at a time. She placed each chip into its correct slot almost immediately and then clapped for herself. To my surprise this activity came naturally to her so I wanted to challenge her a bit more!

Visual Discrimination for Toddlers

Visual discrimination helps your little one see the likeness or difference of shapes and color. During this activity your little one has to pay attention to detail and be able to differentiate between each shape and see which matches. To make it more challenging I placed all the chips on the table. This challenged Aliza’s visual field and challenged her brain to scan through all the shapes to sort and match them.

Shape Sorting Activity #2

If one shape sorting activity is not enough for your little one I will present another option for you! For this activity I used 5 colors of construction paper to match the colors of the shapes. I cut the blue construction paper into a circle, the green into a triangle, yellow into a star, orange into a square and brown into a heart. I taped them to her table and placed all her shape chips in a container in the middle!

This activity is great for visual discrimination, visual scanning, range of motion, fine motor skills and bilateral coordination! This was another fun and exciting way to challenge Aliza with sorting her shapes!

I hope you and your little one enjoy this activity as much as we do !


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