Why My Three Year Old Needs Glasses

Our journey to glasses has stumbled upon us. Back tracking a couple years for the people who do not know me or Aliza, she was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome when she was 6 months old. DiGeorge Syndrome can affect any part of your body including the eyes. She had her first eye exam when she was very little. Her eyes tested perfectly along with everything else and we moved on!

Fast forward to today

Aliza was scheduled for her three year old well check visit at her pediatricians. I was completely shocked when her doctor told me she failed her eye exam. They used this fancy machine to look into her eyes for 5 seconds and printed out a full report. The doctor was alarmed at her numbers and insisted she see an ophthalmologist right away. I had two initial thoughts. 1. How accurate is this test. I mean it was literally 5 seconds. They looked into her eyes took a picture and BAM, a bad report? 2. This can’t be right, she has perfect vision. I’ve NEVER noticed her squinting, she does not use electronics nor does she stand close to the TV. How can she not see? I went home completely confused, but made an appointment to see the eye doctor and get a second test done.

Second eye exam

The first visit was hard. I mean you try putting your three year olds face in that crazy machine that holds your chin and forehead in one place. It took us 20 minutes just to get her face in that thing and then another 20 to get her to open her eyes big enough for the test to work. It was hard to watch but we needed to get this done. Anyways, after a long visit, I was surprised to hear the doctor found the same results as the last test, if not a little worse. He told us she had myopia and astigmatisms in both eyes. I’m not going to lie, my husband and I cried some tears. NEVER IN FRONT OF HER ! Our little girl has already been through so much, now she has to deal with one more thing. Not that glasses are the end of the world but it’s not what I imagined for my baby, especially after everything she has already been through. The doctor referred us to a ophthalmologist who specialized in pediatrics. We had to wait a couple of weeks but he wanted us to get one more opinion since it was hard to get a couple of the tests he needed during the visit.

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

This appointment was much better! Besides the part that we had to hold Aliza down to put drops in her eyes to get them dilated. This doctor moved fast and he was straight to the point. He told us her vision was poor and she would require glasses for the rest of her life. I asked the doctor if this is a result of her DiGeorge Syndrome, which could cause poor vision or if this is hereditary (my husbands whole family wears glasses as do I). He could not tell me, he said that this is just something that happened and could be a bit of both! At this point my husband and I already accepted the fact that she needed glasses. We remained hopeful, but knew it would be OK if she did need them long term, so when he told us she would be getting glasses we were not as shocked. She was a champ as ALWAYS.

Finding the right frames

We headed over to sunset vision center in sunrise! They were HIGHLY recommended to us from our ophthalmologist and now I know why. Our girl Amanda was AMAZING. She explained everything we needed to know and made us feel so comfortable. She was GREAT with Aliza and made her feel fabulous. She recommended the Miraflex glasses with the polycarbonate lenses right away. Aliza got to try on many styles and colors. Amanda was honest on what looked best and what she recommended made the most sense. Aliza and Dad loved the yellow so that was it! We all came to a mutual agreement that these yellow, circle frames were the BEST fit.


It was time to pick up Aliza’s glasses! She put them on and I instantly noticed that she could see a difference. She looked around the store with this “WOW I CAN SEE” look. I’ll never forget it. She was so cute! She is learning to love her glasses. She is still getting used to the change, so she takes them off when she feels like it, but I explain to her that these are good for her eyes and will help her. I mean she is 3, I can’t expect her to keep something on her face all day. No matter what, our baby girl is SO BEAUTIFUL and that will NEVER change!

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