Teach Your Kids To Button ! The Fun Way

How amazing is this felt button chain! A BIG part of occupational therapy is gaining independence in your ADL’s, which stands for Activities of Daily Living. These are activities that we perform independently everyday. An important ADL in the OT world is self dressing! Self dressing includes putting clothes on along with managing clothing fasteners! We learn these skills early on and use them for the rest of our lives!

When do kids learn to button

Do you have a MISS/MR INDEPENDENT TODDLER that wants to do everything themselves?! I do! My little one is at the age that she “thinks” she can dress herself all by herself! Although she wants to do it herself she is stumped when her clothes involves a button! You may even ask when do kids learn to button?

Skills generally needed to button:

  • The ability to use the tip of the index finger and thumb (pincer grasp) to pick up small objects
  • Can rotate arm, so palm faces up (supination)
  • Can put tiny objects in a small hole
  • Able to use both hands at the same time in midline (bilateral coordination)

General sequence for buttoning skills:

2 years old

  • Unbuttons large (1 inch) button

2 1/2 to 3 years old

  • Buttons 3 large (1 inch) buttons

4 1/2 to 5 years old

  • Can button and unbutton while wearing front-opening shirt (small buttons)

How to teach your kids to button, the fun way!

What you will need: (LINKS)

Making your felt button chain

Step 1: Cut your felt into strips! The width of each strip is about 2 inches!

Step 2: Open up your handy dandy sewing kit and pull out a needle and thread. Make a few cross stitches and sew your button to one end of each strip of felt.

Step 3: Cut a vertical slit as your button hole at the other end of each strip of felt!

This felt button chain was a great way to introduce buttons to my little one. It makes for great fastener practice to increase those manipulation skills. The large buttons help simplify the activity for a young toddler. Aliza was able to unbutton the buttons in her chain and needed my help to button it back up!

Miss independent will now have a perfect tool to practice those self care skills!

Every child progresses at their own rate! It always helps to find fun and creative ways to introduce these beneficial and necessary skills! I know some of these crafts are a bit time consuming, which is why I opened COTA MOM CRAFTS ETSY SHOP. Feel free to purchase your own felt button chain to practice those skills! I would be happy to help make your little one their very own button chain <3

CLICK HERE (link)<— for your felt button chain!

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