St. Patrick’s Day : Sensory Soup

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Friends! Today I am sharing a SUPER SIMPLE activity to do with your little one for some St. Patricks day fun. I have found that sensory bins are a HUGE hit with my girls and they will sit and play for quite some time, which hello is a win in my book! Water sensory bins are one of the EASIEST bins to put together! Continue reading to see how I created this magical leprechaun soup to keep my little shamrocks busy!



To begin, fill your container half way with water and add 10 drops of food coloring! Add shamrocks, gold and scoopers! DONE & DONE! It took my 5 minutes to set up this activity and my girls played with it for over an hour!

My girls surprise me more and more everyday! I love to watch them explore and create ideas on their own. When I showed them this activity they got right to it. I did not have to explain what to do. I do not like to limit them with an activity like this. I just sit back and watch what they do.

Benefits of sensory play

Sensory play is extremely beneficial for little ones to build nerve connections in their brain. It helps them develop their senses for every day life. Water play can be therapeutic for little ones and is a great way to develop motor skills. Water play also stimulates creativity and imagination. I saw this for myself during this activity. My girls used the spoons and ladle for scooping skills. The would scoop up the gold and shamrocks. They were transferring the water through the funnels and watching the water fall. They were counting the gold and shamrocks working on math skills! They spent time interacting with one another and showing each other their objects and practiced sharing and taking turning.

After a while you will notice them start to put their feet inside and eventually their entire body. This is okay too! The water is taste safe and will not dye their skin green 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this activity and if you tried making leprechaun soup tag us on instagram @cota_mom so I can shout you out!

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