Spider Stomp Painting

With Halloween around the corner, we have been creating a “Not so Scary” activity zone! We stomped on silly spiders with bubble wrapped feet, creating the perfect sensory and gross motor experience! Anything that involves paint and movement is a WIN in Aliza’s book! She had a blast!

What you will need (LINKS):

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

Step 1: I found the perfect area in the house to roll out our easel paper. I made sure there was enough paper down for Aliza to have space to stomp back and fourth. Then I took some time drawing “Not so scary” spiders all over the paper. I made some different sized spiders so she could learn the difference between big and small.

Step 2: Cut a piece of your bubble wrap and wrap it around your toddlers feet. I just placed her foot in the middle of the piece of bubble wrap and taped it up around her ankle. Make sure the bubbles are on the outside! Then put some paint on the bottom of her space boots!

Gross Motor Activity for Toddlers

Stomping spiders made for a really fun gross motor activity. This gross motor activity required whole body movements and movement of the large muscles. Stomping on the spiders required large leg movements along with balance and coordination skills.

When Aliza stomped on a spider her bubble wrap would pop and crackle! This made for a fun sensory experience. Every once and a while I would add more paint to her boots and she kept going. This activity kept her active for quite a while. She was jumping, hopping and stomping around. All these skills are working on muscles she uses for everyday functions! Once Aliza was tired out from stopping on spiders, she painted the spiders! She took her time going around and painting each spiders face! Once she was all done I cut off her boots and rolled up the paper. It was a super easy and a quick clean up!

Bubble wrap stomp painting was so much fun! We will most likely do this activity one or two more times before the month ends! If you have been following along we have so many fun Fall activities here on cotamom.com including:

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