POM POM Size Sorting Activity

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! We have had such a busy December! Miss Aliza celebrated her 3rd Birthday, then we spent some amazing quality time with our families for Christmas and shortly after we celebrated NEW YEARS AKA my birthday :)! There has been so much going on but we are back in action. Things have settled down and we are back! We started with a pretty simple activity that required minimal materials but it was a great activity to do with an active toddler!


  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Different sized Pom Poms

Pom Pom Size Sorting Activity

To begin, start by making a fun bubbly chart (that’s what Aliza called it). I made it as accurate as possible. Each pom pom matched the color of the marker and each pom pom was the same size as the circle. For example, the big red pom pom has a big red circle on the chart. A great color recognition activity!

Measurement activities for Toddlers

This was a great activity to introduce different sizes including big, medium and small. Measurement is an important math skill for toddlers as it helps them explore the world around them. It is never too early to include some basic math skills in your toddlers life. This will be great preparation for preschool.

Aliza loves pom poms. I think it has to do with the texture of them. She is always rubbing them on her face. They are great to have laying around if you ever want to work on fine motor or gross motor activities. Check out some of my favorite activities using pom poms including:

I hope everyone enjoyed this activity! It doesn’t always have to be so hard to keep your little one entertained. I know the saying “don’t make your kid a YouTube zombie” is cliche, but it is important to keep those little minds focused and challenged in real life things! Stay tuned, we have so much more to come!


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