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Did you know that your child’s name is the first word they will learn to read? I find that so cute! Aliza (3.5) loves to say her name! She can now recognize what letters are in her name. Name sorting with stickers is a great way to do this!

What do I need for Name Sorting?

  • Construction Paper
  • Dot Stickers
  • Tape
  • Marker


This activity took 5 minutes to set up! I took 5 pieces of construction paper and wrote out the name “Aliza”, and then taped them to the wall. Next, I took 4 sheets of Dot stickers and wrote the same letters. On two sheets, I wrote her name out in order and on the other I mixed the letters up. This was a great way to adapt the activity to make it a bit more challenging.

What are the benefits of name sorting?

The goal for this activity was simple. Sort out the letters of your name on to the construction paper. During this activity your little one will work on so much more.

This activity is beneficial for name recognition. What’s that? Name recognition is having the ability to recognize your name in writing. This will also help your little one match the letters that are in their name. I chose to use one uppercase letter and the rest lowercase to increase the challenge.

Visual Scanning Activity

This activity requires a lot of visual scanning and looking from top to bottom and left to right. Smooth visual scanning is required for reading.

Fine and Gross Motor Activity

Using dot stickers or any stickers at that, is a great fine motor skill for little hands. I made sure to put the paper high enough that required a little reach to include some gross motor! We had so much fun doing this activity. I always play music while we are playing and my little one will stop for dance breaks! Check it out

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