Matching Game: Valentines Day Edition

HI guys! Love is in the air in our home, how about you? Obviously the dollar store is the best place on earth for moms and esp. crafty moms. I was so excited to see the dollar store filled with Valentine’s Day stuff! I am so happy I found these foam hearts because they have come in handy! $1 for an awesome cognitive activity, I’ll take it!


  • Foam Hearts
  • Scissors

Set Up:

It took me about 3 min to set up this activity. If you don’t have foam hearts you can make hearts out of construction paper! Use your scissors to cut out funky designs down the middle. I only made 7 because I could not think of another way to cut down the middle! The cuts do not have to be perfect, just make sure you follow along with the one cut so it matches the other side.

What are the benefits of matching games for toddlers?

This matching game is an awesome cognitive activity to introduce to your toddler or preschoolers. Matching can be a challenging skill for little ones to master but its has a ton of benefits, including improving concentration, trains visual memory, improve short term memory and attention to detail. Once a toddler masters the matching skill they can move onto more complex math skills like sorting!

For this activity I started slow. I gave her three hearts at a time. They were all different colors to increase the simplicity. I would give her one side of the heart and she would find the match and put it together in the shape of the heart. Adapt the activity that works best for your little one! Simple, cheap & beneficial! A great Valentine’s Day activity!

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