Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft for Kids

How AMAZING are these luminaries!!!? We have not bought a single fall decoration from the store, we have handmade EVERYTHING! These luminaries are beautiful during the day and during the night! This is a perfect candle replacement or even the perfect fall nightlight for your little ones room! It was so easy and fun to make !

What you will need (Links)

Mason Jar Fall Luminaries

We began by ripping our tissue into small pieces. This is actually a great strengthening activity for little hands. The resistance of the tissue paper works out those tiny hand muscles.

Also, you can check out this beautiful bouquet of flowers craft that Aliza made that required us to rip tissue paper!

Once you have ripped enough tissue paper open up your mod podge. Mod podge is a non-toxic all in one glue, and leaves a glossy finish, which is perfect for our luminaries! Mod podge drys quickly so it is best to do one section at a time. Use your paint brush to put your mod podge on one section of your mason jar, then you can start filling it up with tissue paper. Do this until you have covered your mason jar.

Fine Motor Activity for Kids

This a great fine motor activity to do with your little one. It requires a good pincer grasp and works on hand eye coordination. The mod podge is pretty sticky which is a great new texture to introduce. I would recommend having a wet paper towel handy to wipe their hands during the activity!

Once their mason jar is covered put one more coat of mod podge all over the tissue paper. This will seal down all of the loose ends, take out most bumps and give it that glossy finish! Now, glue on your fall leaves. It drys clear and fairly quick!

Make a beautiful bow with your burlap string and there you have it! Beautiful fall decor for your home!

We used fake candles to light up our luminaries, but feel free to use pumpkin or fall scented candles for yours! Its the perfect touch.

I love everything about this craft. It was so great watching Aliza make it and she was so impressed with the complete project! She loves to watch the light shine through at night and it makes for a perfect little night light. Don’t forget to check out our other fall crafts including:

We have so much more to come! We love love love the holidays! Subscribe, comment and share <3


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