Halloween Matching Memory Game for Toddlers

I loved memory games as a kid, probably because I was actually good at it! Our life size Halloween matching memory game was a huge hit and very beneficial for my almost three year old!

What you will need (LINKS):

Halloween Matching Memory Game

Create: First design your paper plates. I used 10 paper plates and colored 5 “not so scary” Halloween inspired characters on our plates. Glued on our googly eyes and was set! I tried to make them match as best I could. I am no artist, so they are not perfect but if your toddler can tell they are the same then you did a good job! 🙂


The game is pretty simple. Lay down all your plates facing downwards and mix them up. Have your toddler turn two plates over and see if they match. If they don’t match, flip them back over and start again. Have them flip over two more plates until they can find all the matches.

You can simplify the activity by keeping one image flipped over and have them find the match. After the first round playing I noticed the plates were a little difficult to turn over. I quickly added paper tabs to each plate to make it a bit easier to flip over!

It took a little bit of time for Aliza to understand the concept of the game, but once she got it she was good! I knew she understood when I saw her flip over two plates, noticed they did not match and she flipped them back over. She then flipped her next plate and remembered she had just flipped over the match. She went back over and found the match! I made a HUGE scene because I was so proud of her. I love seeing her toddler brain work 🙂

Memory games are a great way to improve so many cognitive skills including concentration, training visual memory, increasing short term memory as well as paying attention to detail. These are important skills for your little ones to learn early on. We are working on all of these skills playing our life size Halloween matching game!

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