Gross Motor Activity for Babies and Toddlers

We have a new walker in our house and it is about time to get her into action! This was a great activity for her as it was simple, yet challenging.


  • 8-10 Pink balloons
  • Gate or play pen
  • Black sharpie marker

Gross Motor Activity

Before you set up, blow up 8-10 pink balloons. They can be different sizes as pigs do come in all shapes and sizes 😉 Next use your sharpie to draw pig faces. I tried to mix it up and make some girls and some boys, and by girls I mean they had eyelashes! Now find a gate or closed off area of some sort. I know if you have a baby or toddler you have some sort of gate to close off certain areas of your house. We have THREE! You can also use a play pen or tent. I found a pig picture in one of my daughters sticker books and taped it to the gate so she knew this is where all her pigs go. Get creative mama, this is a FUN activity.

How to play!

The objective of this game is to gather each balloon Pig and return it to its pen. This can be a hard concept for a 14 month old but with some help and encouragement they can do it! We first sat down and played with the balloons. We passed them back and fourth and I just allowed her to get comfortable with the balloons. Then I started throwing them over and showing her where they go. She would peek through the gate and explore the other environment. I would then take them out and encourage her to put them back.

What are the benefits of a gross motor activity?

A gross motor activity is one that requires your child to use large movements using their arms, legs or entire body! Jumping, reaching, bending and running are all examples of the gross motor skills. In occupational therapy we do these kinds of activities to help kids develop their gross motor skills by developing muscle strength, balance, coordination and endurance, along with postural control. For this activity Gianna had to bend, walk, reach, balance and coordinate a couple skills together to toss the balloon. These are all beneficial gross motor skills to gain strength and readiness skills for play.

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