F is for Fox: letter recognition craft

We are loving this time of the year and we have been enjoying all of our crafts to go along with it, including these cute Foxes! We had a playdate with Aliza’s cousin who is the same age, so I set up this craft for them to do together! It doesn’t require many materials and it was the perfect skillful activity to keep two tiny humans entertained!

Materials (Links):

Letter Recognition for Toddlers

Learning the alphabet is not an easy task for toddlers. I started introducing letters to Aliza very early on using these alphabet flashcards for toddlers. They work well for us and helped her a ton. We also practice on ABC mouse. They offer assessment tests in the program and when I first tested Aliza on letter recognition she scored a %50 and after some practice she scored a %75. She is 2.5 but some children may learn to recognize letters between 3 and 4. Flashcards could be a bit boring for some and some kids may find it challenging to retain letters from just flashcards. Providing kids with different forms of learning can help improve letter recognition.

Here is another great activity to practice letter recognition through play: Fine motor and ABC’s sequencing activity with pool noodles

F is for FOX Activity

Once you have your materials ready, you can print out the printable. You do not have to use what I provided, you can draw your own ears, nose and tail with your construction paper. If you need something to trace, the printable is here to hep you!

Ears, Nose and Tail Printable <–

Next, paint your sticks! You can either glue the sticks as an “F” first or paint the sticks individually. I had my little ones paint theirs individually so they felt like they had more to do. It took up more time and allowed them to have more painting time. It also allowed them to work on their fine motor and precision skills.

Let you sticks fully dry and then you can glue them together in the shape of an “F” if you have not already. Use the gorilla wood glue or you can use a hot glue gun. Let the glue dry completely. Your toddler will most likely start banging it on the table 😉

Fine motor skills for Toddlers

Glue on the ears first. Turn the F over and glue one ear to each side. Then glue on the eyes. This is great for your little ones to do as it requires good pincer grasp and control.

Next, glue on the nose and mouth. This also requires fine motor and control. Once your Fox is complete, set it aside to dry completely.

Once you have completed your fox, take some time to talk about the letter F. Talk F sounds and practice some F words (Nice ones of course!). This was a great activity to practice our letter F.

We are currently in our November series of crafts and activities! Make thanksgiving a learning activity this year with a cotamom craft including these cute handmade custom felt buttoning turkeys! Click the picture to order yours today 🙂 !

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