DIY Fine Motor Butterfly Craft



DIY Butterfly Craft: Step By Step

Step 1: Paint each toilet paper roll the color of your choice using your washable paint, and put it aside to dry! While the paint is drying (which does not take long) take a piece of your foam and cut it in half to cut out your butterfly wings!

Step 2: Glue the rolls to your wings and let them dry!

Step 3: I used (2) white pipe cleaners to cut 8 antennas! Glue them to the inside of your roll and then glue your googly eyes on the outside. I used two different sized eyes to give these little guys some character 🙂

Step 4: Open your foam stickers and start decorating your wings!


Applying stickers is a great way to work on those fine motor skills. Using small stickers promotes using a pincer grasp. Click here for another great craft we did using stickers to work on those fine motor skills!

Step 5: Fill up those wings with stickers! Aliza had so much fun putting stickers on her butterfly wings and it allowed her to be very creative! She also practiced naming her colors and shapes!

Once complete you can easily hang your butterflies on the wall or from your ceiling! They make for super cute room decal! I like them on the wall because the wings give a little 3D effect!

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Start saving those toilet paper rolls because your going to need them! I hope you enjoy making these cute butterflies as much as we did! I would love to see pictures of your crafts, tag @cota_mom on social media !


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