DIY Egg Carton Caterpillars

Recycled crafts are my favorite! Cheap and easy! If you are almost done with those eggs, save the carton because we are using them to make these cute mommy & me caterpillars! Can you tell which one I made and which one Aliza made? 🙂

DIY Egg Carton Materials:

Toddlers & Painting for Fine Motor Development

Painting can really help develop your toddlers fine motor skills. Painting with an object will help work their tiny hand muscles which helps develop fine motor skills they will need for writing, dressing, reading ect.  I know painting with a toddler is a bit overwhelming! Trust me sometimes I just say no to paint because its A LOT! The set up, the actual painting project and it usually ends in a bath. As if a regular day isn’t enough work, now I’m trying to include the mess of paint but trust me it will help develop creativity skills, self esteem skills and fine motor skills!

Tip: Using a thick paintbrush will be easier for your toddler to grasp verses a tiny, skinny paintbrush!

DIY Egg Carton Caterpillars

This activity it quite simple! I cut our egg carton in half and gave one to Aliza, and kept one for myself! I love to paint, so I painted one 🙂 Aliza painted hers with a tie die twist and I painted mine more standard. Get creative with your caterpillar! Once complete, let it dry!

Once your caterpillar is dry use your toothpick to poke two holes on the top. Cut two small pieces of your pipe cleaner to make the antennas. Carefully place them into the small holes and curl the top of the pipe cleaner. Next, glue the eyes and use the sharpie to make a mouth! If you are feeling up to it, the same way you made the antennas, do so to make little legs!

During this activity we read The very hungry caterpillar which was one of my favorite books as a kid! It gave us time to talk about bugs and creepy crawling critters! Everything is a learning opportunity! Take the time to read, create and have fun with your little ones!

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