Creepy Crawling Caterpillars Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

This is a really fun craft as well as a fantastic fine motor activity! If you’ve been to a rehab facility where there is OT you have most likely seen clothespins! If not clothespins, then some type of resistant hand grips. This goes for all populations! Why? Well, because resistance grips or pins are a really great tool to strengthen those hand muscles. For this activity we simply dressed up our clothespins and turned them into creepy crawling caterpillars! Lets see how!

Materials: (links)

Making Your Creepy Crawling Caterpillars

Making your caterpillars is fun! Put some glue on your clothespin and ask your toddler to carefully place their pom pom onto the glue. This is a great way to promote their pincer grasp and fine motor coordination skills. Glue on two small googly eyes and Boom!! Make as many as you’d like!

Now that you have your creepy crawling caterpillars, you can make your leaf! Use your sharpie to make a leaf on your foam paper, I literally just eye balled it! Leaves come in all different shapes and sizes so it does not have to be perfect! Just try to make it big enough for all your caterpillars to munch on!

Creepy Crawling Caterpillar Activity

The object of the activity is simple! Put on the clothespins, take off the clothespins! Simple yet challenging for your toddler!

For toddlers, opening a clothespin is very challenging. It takes cognitive skills to first understand the concept and then it takes good grasp strength to get it open. It is OK if they use their whole hand, eventually they will be able to use their pincer grasp fingers!

Aliza loved playing with her fuzzy creepy crawling caterpillars! Her tiny hands definitely got a nice workout! It also kept her entertained for quite sometime! Goals right?!

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