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This past year (2018), I really found my love for creating things! It’s always been something I enjoyed but I think this year has solidified that crafting brings me genuine happiness. With that said, felt crafts have become one of my favorites! I did not realize how much you could do with some felt! I took some time to hand make these awesome Popsicle’s for Aliza for our color matching activity!

What you will need:

When do kids learn colors?

Kids can recognize that there are different colors by 18 months, by 2.5-3 years of age they can start naming them. The colors of the rainbow are the most common first colors kids generally learn. For this activity I made 8 Popsicle heads using the most common colors. Each has a corresponding matching stick!

How to teach kids to identify colors?

There are SO many activities to help kids learn to identify colors. I started to introduce Aliza to colors when she was very young. We started with baby books that introduced colors. When she turned 2, I bought her color and shapes flashcards. These cards helped her tremendously! Then we started with activities that incorporated these skills. Matching colors is a great way to learn how to identify colors. It’s great for memory and concentration!

Matching color activity

Aliza loved this activity! To play, I simply laid all the Popsicle heads on her table and held onto the sticks. I handed her one stick at a time and she had to find the match. Feel free to grade this activity however you would like. You can put everything out on the table including the sticks to make it more challenging or you can simplify it by using half of the colors, so it is not too overwhelming. You can also change the sticks to your liking. If you have a reader, you can remove the dots and color, write only the name on the stick in black marker or pen.

Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

Although the main focus of this activity is to match colors, it made for a good fine motor activity. Each Popsicle head has a small slit to fit each Popsicle stick in.

Aliza would figure it out sometimes and others she would ask me to help her. I encouraged her to try but if she could not I simply did it with her hand over hand so she still felt accomplished!


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