Circle Painting: First Art Piece for Toddlers

This activity is SO simple but at the same time, SO much fun! Aliza has been having a hard time recognizing a “Circle”. She confuses it with OVAL which is completely understandable! I wanted to introduce her to an activity that focuses on circles, so what better way than using paint!

Circle Painting Materials:

Setting up is easy! I let Aliza choose 3 colors of choice! You can use however many colors you want! Put some paint on your paper plates and cover the bottom of one side of the paper tube with paint! I than taped 4 pieces of paper to Aliza’s table and began our masterpiece!

Cylinder Grasp for Toddlers

Using paper tubes is perfect for your little ones hands! It fits perfectly and allows them to use a great cylinder grasp! This means they have to use all five fingers to hold the object! Using one color at a time Aliza painted circles all over her paper! This activity uses lots of motion, which toddlers love!

Shape recognition for toddlers

The only shape we focused on during this activity was a circle. I mentioned earlier that Aliza was having trouble recognizing a circle. She was learning about a circle shape while using a circle figure. It makes it more meaningful! The repetition of stamping a circle over and over helps build shape recognition skills! I love teaching shapes with art. Another fun way to build shape recognition skills is this DIY shape sorting activity!

Circle Painting Masterpiece!

Once complete, your toddler will have a really cool looking piece of art that they can be proud of! They will feel a sense of accomplishment which is great for their self esteem !

This activity can be done with all shapes! These shape sorting cubes are perfect to throw in the mix. You can easily dip these in paint and stamp them on paper! It is really THAT simple! Enjoy making this beautiful masterpiece with your toddler !

– @cota_mom

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