Alphabet Matching


This activity is a great way to practice literacy and cognitive skills! With the quarantine going on I have been staying 100% isolated, and that means trying to find easy activities to do with my girls at home that don’t require many materials! This activity is one of them!


  • Toys
  • Paper
  • Markers

That’s it! Gather some toys from your child’s room and write a couple letters on a piece of paper!

The objective of this activity is to match the toy with the letter that it begins with. Have your child name the toy. Then ask them to sound out the first letter of that word. For example: The toy is a Fish. “Fuh”. Then ask them, what letter makes the “fuh” sound. When they find “Ff” place the toy, with the letter! Done & Done!

We had a blast with this activity! My little one wanted to do this again and again which is great during a time, that all we have is time…. 😂. I hope everyone is staying safe, well & inside. Thank you all for stopping by ❤️

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