5 Simple Sensory Bags for Babies & Toddlers

I am a 90’s baby and I was obsessed with these squishy bags (pictured below) when I was a kid! I remember I would bring it everywhere! Thinking back, I realize how much these used to calm me down and distract me, as I was an extremely active kid! I wanted to introduce a similar idea to my girls with these mess free, baby safe and friendly sensory bags that you can make with just a couple materials from home!

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What are Sensory Bags?

Sensory bags are squishy or slimy textured bags, usually with items inside them that are great for babies and toddlers to explore. They provide a perfect MESS FREE sensory experience! Sensory bags are such a fun way to allow babies and toddlers to explore, discover and imagine all while expanding their sense of touch! Sensory bags are great to keep your little one busy for quite some time! Children learn so much from hands on play and sensory activities are some of the best!

What is inside a Sensory Bag?

There are so many different types of sensory bags!! I like to use clear and blue hair gel, body wash, sand and whatever cool items or toys I can squeeze inside! Sensory bags allow you to be creative and do WHATEVER you want! So, I made 5 different simple sensory bags. I will explain how I made each one separately as you follow along!

Confetti Filled Sensory Bag


  • Clear hair gel
  • Any confetti you can find
  • Large zip-lock bag
  • Packaging Tape

Confetti Filled Sensory Bag for Toddler

First spread out the confetti in the large storage bag! Then add the whole bottle of clear gel. Tape all four sides with packaging tape and you have a BABY SAFE, MESS FREE sensory bag!! Although the sides and top is taped I explained to my toddler that this bag cannot be opened! Explain the rules and always supervise your little ones during any sensory activity!

Star Bead Sensory Bag


  • Large Zip-lock Bag
  • Bottle of Body wash
  • Star beads
  • Packaging Tape

This bag was fun!! The body wash gives your little one exposure to a different texture! Aliza loved playing with this one because the more she moved it the soapier it got. She thought it was pretty cool! When making these sensory bags add the beads first and then use the whole bottle of body wash soap!

Googly Eyes Sensory Bag


To make our googly eyed sensory bag, first fill up your small storage bag with googly eyes and then add gel. Again, I used the whole bottle of gel. I like using the small zip-lock bags because when you use the whole bottle of gel it fills up the bag and adds a really squishy texture! Aliza had fun trying to move the eyes from the bottom to the top of the bag!

Dad also enjoyed the texture of our sensory bags! Using the colored googly eyes gave us a chance to work on color recognition as well!

Under Water Sensory Bag


  • Blue hair gel
  • Small storage bag
  • Underwater creatures ( found ours at our local dollar store)
  • Packaging tape

Using sensory bags with babies

Babies will love the way sensory bags feel! Using a color like blue will engage your baby to the bag. If your baby fights tummy time, sensory bags are a great distraction to help keep them in position. Simply tape your sensory bag to the floor or mat and lay your baby behind it! This will encourage reaching along with neck and shoulder strength all while engaging their senses! You can also tape sensory bags to their highchair tray and watch them explore! Point out the animals and start teaching them early 🙂 Gianna is 6 month old and loved playing with her sensory bag!

Toddlers and Sensory Bags

It is fun to watch babies explore but it’s also a blast to see a toddler imagine and be enlightened! Aliza loves animals which made this bag her favorite! She can now identify snakes, alligators and turtles!!

Hide and Seek Dino Sensory Bag


  • Sand
  • Pencil holder bag
  • Dinos
  • Packaging Tape

Hide and seek sensory bags are fun and challenging for toddlers. Before we started, I took a picture of all the dinosaurs and printed it out. Once printed, I put the dinosaurs in the pencil bag and then covered them all with sand. I set the picture on Aliza’s tray and we searched for our dinos. I would just simply point to one in the picture and ask her to find that one in the sand. The sand provides a rough texture! This is great for working on your tots visual perception skills! Matching is also a fantastic cognitive skill!

I hope you guys have fun exploring your own sensory bags!! You are a creative mama and I cant wait to see what you make! Have fun and keep your little ones mind sharp 🙂


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